Here, you can put down the name, date and time of an event that you are holding. also, if you find an event that you are [[#|free]] for, go to it!

Dineseer's Housewarming Party
Morrowcraft City (World)
Dineseer's House
Friday, 4/20/2012
8:00 PM

NO [[#|GIFT]] NEEDED. Just come as you are! You don't need an invintation-everybody's invited. There will be refreshments, and my house has a hot tub... PLEASE COME!



Solarius Weekly Pool Party/Fundraiser for the Save the Beach Project
Solarius Town Pool
Every Saturday from about 10AM to 10:30AM.
All Solarius members are automatically invited, any other town must ask. (Or you could just come) If you would like to donate to the Solarius Save The Beach Project, you can bring as much sand as you want. (minimum of 5) Once again, the sand is optional.
I will supply fresh watermelon for a snack!

Your friend,