Escape To Morrow is an original student created game using the Minecraft platform. We share freely with the world. Play it. Mod it. Make your own version. We only ask that as you share it, you give us credit for the original game. :-) Thanks ~kc

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Sugar, Red lego, and Knowclue all worked together to make the NEW Escape To Morrow, (ETM) logo.
Can YOU Survive?........

Le Story: You wake up to find yourself in your bed and smell something burning. You look out of your window and see a forest fire approaching you. You quickly turn your T.V. on and watch the news. It’s very grave news. You hear that there is a meteor storm heading to your planet called Snickerdoodle. Just as you are about to turn the T.V. off there is amazing news! There is a planet which is able to sustain life! The T.V. suddenly goes blank and you realize your house is on fire! As you dash out of your house you bump into people whose houses are also on fire. They are heading to Town Hall to see what can be done about this horrible event. The Prime Minister of your nation is having a meeting. He says, "The inhabitants of this planet have been divided into three since the beginning. You are Redstone, Coal and Iron. Each nation has a keen amount of one resource. You will mine for these resources, and we must build rocket ships to escape the planet! "I entrust all of you with the power to mine wherever you wish in our nation, and gather the needed resources. The other nations will do the same, and we will exchange our resources for theirs. We must keep the resources in balance. We must keep the communities in balance. Before I go to my meeting with the other Prime Ministers, I leave you with this. There are Three Nations, Two Worlds, and One Chance to Survive." The Prime Minister walks off the podium and is hit with a fireball. Some people run to help him. Some people run away. You go to your house, get your armor and your pickaxe. And what do you do next? You mine.

Updated June 2013
Recommended Playing Time: 5-10 classes


  • The outside of the craft must be constructed with iron blocks (80-100%) & glass blocks (0-20%).
  • Your craft must have a cockpit, engine and living quarters.
  • Your craft must be large enough to hold all your passengers with room for...
  • a bed and storage for what you will take to your new planet
  • For every block of iron you use to build your spacecraft, you are required to have 10 redstone and 5 coal for fuel
  • You can decide what tools and supplies to take to the new planet...
  • However, you must have enough food for each passenger to replenish 50 units of hunger

Asset Report

Each nation is required to keep a central storage area where they will keep all assets needed for the flight.

Custom Server

Here is everything you need to run Escape to Morrow on your own network. Just unzip the file and double click
LauchServerMacOS.command or LaunchserverWindows.bat depending on your operating system. Players can then
connect to the IP address of the computer running the server.

When players join for the first time they will spawn on a neutral trade island. They can warp to their team's island with the
command /warp coal, /warp iron or /warp redstone. After warping they should use the command /sethome so that they
return to thier island after death. Trades take place on the trade island and can be accessed with /warp trade. This
package is for Minecraft version 1.6.2 and will need to be upgraded as future versions of Minecraft are released.

Download link:


Eggcatcher: Players can catch animals by throwing eggs. Makes it easier to bring animals back to your farm.

Essentials: Adds commands like /warp and /tpa (teleport to other players). Also used to set custom spawn point.

PermissionsBukkit: Sets player permissions.

VanishNoPacket: Used to make Ops invisible.

Multiverse: Create a new world for players who successfully escape the dying planet.

Teacher notes:

June 2013
The following game was created through a collaborative effort of students in grades 3-6 over the period of one year. The seed of an idea started after we were contacted by educators in other countries wanting to collaborate with us on a project in Minecraft. We asked ourselves if we could create a game that could be played asynchronously with other schools. MrMalm and I looked back over all of our Minecraft projects created by students and teachers at our school. We wanted something as engaging as the Hunger Games social organized by our students and as compelling as the colonial unit we designed for 3rd grade. We played with the idea of what might happen if we built a world where resources were allocated only to specific areas. We wondered how that would change the way students played. Further inspired by observing John Hunter play the "World Peace Game", our seed began to take root in the idea of creating 3 nations, each holding one resource needed to construct a spaceship to escape certain doom. We agreed to set some simple parameters that would require each nation to work together. Having created the basic framework, we turned the design process over to students to work out details. With their help, the following game was created. We worked over one year during summer camp and our after school program. Once we knew the game was viable, we spent the spring working on it with the entire 5th grade to see if we could find a way to play the game asynchronously. All in all, we played and revised the game over five iterations. It has been a remarkable journey with kids giving up free time to work on designing several iterations of maps, finding mods, writing and rewriting backstories and creating game trailers!

What we have presented on this page is the best version of our game (to date). It is our hope that other schools will take our work, our ideas and our game .... and play it, improve it, and redesign it into their own game. We hope they will do this and then share their versions as well. It is our belief that together we can all design fun and interesting spaces for learning. We had a blast with this game, we hope you do too! ~Knowclue

5th Grade Studio 2013 Trade Report
5th Grade Studio 2013 Asset Report