Bretheo1 and I share a house. this is it finished.

Bretheo1 and I share a house, and we have a new project. We are going to attempt to create an underground farm. We are doing this to have an unlimited supply of
food. The hardest aspect of this project is the animal spawner, that bretheo1 and I are planning to make. It will be a challenge, but we are excited to begin! I'll keep
this page posted with pictures of our progress. 11/29/11

Bretheo1 and I have moved to a new house. This may come as a surprise, but we found an abundance of animals on a small island that is far from the other people on morrowcraft. However, we are facing major issues with our new home. We were both respawned with and obstructed bed. We are sadly not able to find our house at the moment, but are confident we will be able to in the near future. At that time more pictures will be posted! 12/6/11Screen_shot_2011-12-06_at_12.03.56_PM.png

12/6/11 - SUCCESS! we have a whole family of chickens. We found the perfect place to live and spawned eggs. Since on minecraft throwing an egg gives a 1/8 chance of a baby chick, we spawned about 300 and kept throwing them at the wall. Here you go! We are currently working on a pig spawning room! We will keep posted.