Build a Shelter

You can work by yourself or with a friend.
Your shelter will be judged on 4 points

1. No Monsters! You must have a door, walls, roof and a bed.

2. Devine Design! What shape is your home? What materials did you use?

3. Better Homes & Gardens! How did you furnish your home. What special features do you have? Furniture? Water features? Fireplace? What about landscaping? Any animals?

4. Innovation! Can you come up with something that no one has thought of... yet?!?!?

To complete the project, each student must create a machinima tour between 30 - 60 seconds to be posted on YouTube.
Players on the Massively Minecraft Server (Australia) will judge each class's playlist to choose the best houses based on how well all 4 points were executed.

5R -

5G -

5C -

Thank you to Massively Minecraft, who has agreed to judge our projects.