This is my automated piston farm. Gets more than a stack of wheat per harvest.


This is my house. Apparently, Skullman12342 covered it with fire...

My project
Where is this place...wait...there is a house...let me go there and see if there is anyone else...


OMG There is nobody and I cannot get out of here because of this dumb piston

Well the only place I can go now is this small shaft...


WOAH! There was gigantic room underground the hut! What is this! Wait...I see some signs...let me check it out..

ok...I guess I gotta take the test to go back home...

I kept walking and ended up in this room...What should I do...oh wait...I see a chest...Oh! a portal gun! Let me use this to get to that door.

This test is sorta harder...but Im so smart and can pass and I know it!

2011-12-14_12.06.51.pngOh yeah passed the 2nd test...

woot lava

3.pnghm...i guess i should take a portal to that platform...
6.pngnow to the platform over there...

7.png what... bout shooting a portal there...

9.pngand a portal there so when i fall into the portal down there i would fly forwards!

11.pngoh yeah

10.pngIm so smart like a boss

oh well to the 4th level


woah this looks scary...

14.png3 doors...which door should I take~

18.pngthis one?

i guess not...

19.pngthis one?

17.pngi guess not...

18.pngthis one?

gotta be it
can go home now!



oo a secret passage
let me take a portal there that water?

22.pngyay~ light~ sky~

24.pngOH yeah now i can go home and i ALSO own a portal gun hahaha

so this project I had worked on for few weeks. I tried to make a testing map. This is my 3rd testing map, using the portal gun mod. I made puzzles where you had to figure out where to shoot the portal and using gravity and other things. I was inspired by the video of the game Portal and thought since there is a portal gun mod, I could make a stage like that that requires strategy and a lot of thinking, with many traps. I also thought I should make a machinema like some other guy did, but unfortunately I could not do that since it uses portal gun. I created over 10 traps and dead ends. Obviously people could not have beaten it without repeating the stages. I created this project using single player commands, which allowed me to build giant spaces underground filling with iron blocks using world edit. In addition, I had noclip to go through walls to move between places faster. Unfortunately, this project could not be played by players since the portal gun mod could not be installed for some odd reason. After about 6 attempts, I stopped installing it and just decided to present the project as photos. I wish other students or players in morrowcraft could have played in this map, rather than just watching the photos. In conclusion, thank you very much for seeing my project, and I will send the testing map to people who want the map.