How to Deal with hunger?

Here the Citizens of Morrowcraft could tell you some tips that they know that can help you throughout the game.

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Knowclue's Tip:
Don't kill your pets! Take great care not to have your sword in hand
when shutting the door, especially if your pet wolves are running around!
RIP Wolfie #2 :-(...

MrMalm's tips:
Look behind you. There could be a creeper following you.
Always use the right tool for the job. If you don't you might not be able to gather resources and your items will break faster.
Do you're homework. There are lots of interesting Minecraft videos on Youtube.
Don't steal blocks from things other people have built. Gather your own resources.
Find a cavern. It's the easiest way to get gold, iron and even diamonds!

Sandstone8's tips:
If your building something while on a ladder you can stay in one spot by holding down the shift key.
You can also use the shift key to keep yourself from falling off a ledge.

eoeoeoeo's tips:
.Dont anger other players otherwise bad thing happen like that player killing you and taking your stuff.
.Protect your stuff, griefers can take your stuff you can stop that by putting private signs and keeping watch of your things.I know this because
I get griefed alot.

Dineseer's Tip's:
1) If you are playing on single player and hate dying or starving, then instead of using survival mode, use creative mode. You can't loose lives/fullness and it's much easier to build whatever you want to build. There still are bad mobs, but they can't hurt you (except Creepers can blow up stuff). All you have to do is go to your single player world options, and press where it says survival mode, and it will change into creative mode.
2) Get a skin if you don't have one! They're easy to get and it will give your character a unique style! There are thousands to choose from, and I've tried many. Just go onto a Minecraft skin-sharing website, download one, then go to the Minecraft website, log on, got to profile, and move the download onto the page by pressing browse and searching for it. It seems like a lot, but it's much easier than you think.
3) Download and use a map! I've never used one before, but I've seen people play some. They look like they're really fun! Right now, I'm kind of making a map in one of my single player files. Try one!

Fuzzy197's Tips:
DONT GREIF because people will get really mad at you.
Also you may get BANNED.

powerkrafter's Tips:

1) For when starting a new town, find a good location far far away from other towns, unless you'd like to join their nation/nation they are in.
2) Be kind to your residents! Don't sass them or be nicer to one than another! Maybe you hate them for doing something, but get over it and help them with what they need, like maybe food, tools, etc.
3) Do fun things for your town! For instance, I was a little bored, so then came the Solarius Town Pool! We are also doing a Solarius Water Olympics in epic!
4) Make strict rules, but not so strict that your town has 1 person in it. You...
5) Pay attention to the town bank, and make sure your town won't go down into ruins!
6) More tips coming soon!

sugars tips: remember wood is valuable. you can use it make even the most valuable things like enchantment tables because you need wood to make a wooden pic. to get a stone to get an iron to get a diamond. which you need diamond to get obsidian.

Miner's Rules (MinerForAny)
Yeah this is rules but I figured I'd put it here

Morrowcraft Rules

by MinerForAny

(Not all-being edited)

  • Don’t grief other players
  • Don’t steal items that other players dropped or broke (unless you got permission)
  • Don’t raid from open chest (unless you got permission)
  • Don’t harm or capture other players animals (unless you got permission)
  • Don’t blame someone that they griefed unless you have proof like a screenshot
  • If you griefed someone and was accused, don’t deny because you’ll be in more trouble then you would have been.
  • Don’t copy what other players built (unless you have permission)
  • Don’t use offensive, mean, insulting, or bad language to other players
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t try to PvP
  • Don’t annoy other players
  • Don’t tp someone next to a deep hole or lava or anything dangerous
  • Don’t dig deep holes in epic spawn because other players and you might die

Tips (for not griefing)

  • If you want to get out of someones house without griefing, do /town spawn if you’re part of a town or /home to go to where you set your home (to set type /sethome)

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