Three friends Jon (candlerusa_v1) Kevin ( nukelu_v4) and Eddie (Slipknoteddy30) have created a giant roller coaster that we called the Trans-minecrafties railroad - candlerusa_v1- 12/14/11. It goes from our house and goes over miles of blocks, underground, and even through water. Okay before we stated in another page that we would be working on Saint-Mont-Michel but that hasn't gone as very well so we started over and instead created a mega roller coaster - nukelu_v4 - 12/14/11.

Day 1- 12/14/11- Today we have done a TON of a work. We have created huge portions of the roller coaster and soon we will begin to add finer epic details - nukelu_v4.

Day Some number- 1/17/12Screen_shot_2012-01-17_at_11.21.42_AM.pngScreen_shot_2012-01-17_at_11.19.15_AM.pngScreen_shot_2012-01-17_at_11.22.33_AM.png