This is the page for the 8th grade song project. We will be making a song out of note blocks. We will keep you up to date on the process.
– JD 11/29/11 11:27 AM

We are working on the chord background and will begin the melody shortly. We will be working intensely for the next few weeks.
I'd say the project is about 1/25 done. No need to fear, however, The Song Team is on the job!
- ND 12/6/11 10:52 AM

So it has been more than a month since we last wrote about this project. We built two more floors and we were able to complete the project and the song itself. However, we encountered certain difficulties. First, there was a griefer who apparently ACCIDENTALLY destroyed our project. He apologized afterwards. We looked at it again but we decided that it was too complex to work on it. Therefore, our project is suspended.
SUP (a.k.a LeTHuL_BoSs)