me emsgame06 before i got a real minecraft account!! And some person i do not know.

Tuesday December 5 2011

Soon I will have a picture of my soon to be awsme house.
This house will be made of glass with three stories it will have a basement, first floor, and last but not least second floor where my room will be.


This is it so far not much! but i like it I'm making this house plumcake14 as you can see. The house is going to be right under a floating mountain kind of. There will soon be a walk way. Right in front of the door well before plucake14 patched it up, there is going to be a path that leads to the main land aka the other side.

December 14, 2011
Ok so today me and plumcake14 managed to make more of our house look on her page to see the part she made in the house. So i basically made a cool little library i might back it bigger though.


Ok also i started making a kitchen it has furnaces on the other side in back of me and to the let is the counter(with the cakes) and as you can see a refrigerator.I am working on making the refrigerator work to pit out food when i click the button. Hope You Like what I did for this week!!