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I am working on a replica of Mont St. Michel, a monastery in Normandy, France with candlerusa_v1 and nukelu_v4. 12/6/11


We started working on the Monastery on a seperate server. Once we finally found where we would start building we started using world edit. We accidently deleted too much of the area using world edit and that whole section became to laggy to use. Therefore after discussion we started on the regular server using creative mode. We changed from a monastery to a large roller coaster.

We started working on the railroad by laying out the tracks. I did the majority of the part in the woods/ middle section and the ending including the huge fall and underground section.
I also layed out the majority of track and fixed any difficulties in that area. After finishing the track I did many test runs to make sure that everything was working. When we deemed the roller coaster finished we started taking pictures and filmed us riding it.

To build the roller coaster we had to first lay out the wood. We decided to have an large incline and decline like most roller coasters. Also we wanted to have a part that went underground. Also we wanted a part of the roller coaster that had a maze to try to confuse the rider. I made most of the maze and underground part. To make the inclines there was no real trouble or complicated circuitry. I just used powered rails and next to a rail I would put another wooden plank and put a redstone torch which would power the rails.

When I was making the maze I made so there was many turns and inclines and declines. So a lot of the time you will be turning then going up and going down then under the overpass. This was made to confuse the rider and give the a rush. Then I started working on the underground area. I had to dig out very lille because I found a mine shaft so I decided to use that as a tunnel. All I had to do was lay the tracks.

Here are some pictures:Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_11.26.29_AM.png