I am Skullman12342, I have some of the largest buildings on the Morrowcraft server including a underground mansion, a elemental tower, a huge Enderman statue, and my great ore house including ores from all elements!

my great tower of elements
the ore house

11/29/11 My next project shall take my underground kingdom to a whole new level. I shall make a mansion underground that has enough traps that nobody can get in, it except me!!!!!!
12/6/11 The project has begun, the house looks fit for a underground king, and traps are being installed so that no tresspassers may enter my golden kingdom now noobs shall shiver in terror as they get trapped in doors and pull levers to fall in deadly pits of cactus
12/6/11 more traps in place more terrors for the foolish tresspassers who dare challenge my rule
1/16 The project is complete, nobody may pentrate my arrow traps, piston traps and secret silverfish spawners that will slaughter you when you think you have passed all my tests, i had 20 players test my project, all of them failed even with enchanted diamond armor, (credit to patchesman11, and hammer47 etc) along with these things the area is widely decorated with deadly lava pits that you can fall into unless you cross the treachurous ladder bridge, with danger lurking on every corner. along with wolfs and snow man that i have trained. This maze is impossible to survive and my greatest contraption of death i have created and will ever create.