Hey! It's SecretAT5! This is my wikispaces page! I will keep you posted on EVERYTHING I do or make on Minecraft. I'll post pictures about what I make like, my house, my pool, my towers and everything else I make! Catch ya later! Bye!

This is a house me and my friends made.house.png

emsgame 01 and me, emsgame02 are working on a new house and we just started today so this is what we have so far!emsgame_1,2_spa.pngThis is our hot tub and spa

emsgame1,2_hot_tub.pngFrom another shot
emsgame_1,2_base_house.png This is emsgame 01 working on the base of our house

Emsgame_1,2_pathway.pngThis is the pathway to our house (the hole is not supposed to be there)

This is our private pool and lake. This is our outdoor pool and we also have an inside pool! :) We're rich! 12/14/11

This is our house from the top view!Our_House_basement_pool.pngThis is the pool in out basement!
Our_outdoor_pool.pngThis is our outdoor hot tub pool spa!
Ragie2000.pngThis is me in the rain! AND I'M A RAINBOW! I'M RAGIE2000!!!!!