Minecraft in School started by: Lucas Gillispie Read more.

An unexpected new star, Minecraftis taking the "Games in School" crowd by by storm! Students are crazy about this game and educators are finding a virtual gold mine of curriculum possibilities.


Jo Kay, Dean Groom & Bron Stuckey team up to create - Massively Minecraft Educator Community What a dynamic team to gather and lead a community of educators in exploring how kids (young & old :-) learn in this unique space.
Check out the kids' - Miner's Charter

Robert Kahn is a middle school science teacher using Minecraft and gaming in the classroom. Check out his blog.

Liam O'Donnell has started to document his students' work/play in this fascinating article - Messy Learning With Minecraft on his blog, feeding change. Can't wait to read more!

Joel Levine is using MineCraft with 2nd graders at an independent school in NYC. He is documenting his work on The Minecraft Teacher. Check out his YouTube Station. Read a review of enthusiasts who visited his classroom

Very cool! Just one question... Do 2nd graders grief? LOL!