This is my house
This is my village which i walled in and renovated to house people that are nice.

I made an redstone maze. It starts out with you being trapped inside of a bedrock rectangle with a glowstone building in it. There is a pressure plate the you must step on to get in. Once the door shuts you are trapped in and one of the rules is that you cannot build nor destroy any blocks. Once you are inside if you decide to break the blocks you will fall into lava. You then must press a lever to open the hidden staircase successfully and you travel down the stair to come across once again another that you must follow until you come across another iron door.
You must then press a button to open the door which will initiate a complicated redstone piston maze that will suffocate you as you try and navigate it. If you fail then you are unable to restart and have failed your only chance at freedom because you cannot finish you quest for life in a peacful world, like i say, to achieve peace you must go through pain and war. After you do not suffocate you will have to open a wooden door which shuts after a couple of seconds because of it shutting by redstone power.
After you make it trough you have to walk/sprint (depending on your food bar) and not fall into the lava. This distance is around 800-1000 blocks long. After walking that distance you come across a couple of chests filled with food, armor, swords, and a bow and arrow.
Then the true test comes when you must enter the end, which is where hundreds of endermen spawn and one huge, dangerous enderdragon. To defeat it you must destroy all the mystical spires so his health will not regenerate. Then after you kill it you will aquire around 150 levels of exp and a portal back to the earth. You will respawn in the world randomly and be able to fulfill your own quest to master the world.... THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT!
To complete this task i had to use single player commands mod with world edit. i had many failures with redstone for it is one of the most complicated things implemented in minecraft and with every part of it i have not been able to complete it.