OP Challenges are a way for players on Morrowcraft to earn OP privileges. They will not be easy and require a lot of work! Anyone on the server can propose a OP Challenge and if I approve it, gain op after successfully completing the challenge. Challenges are only valid for the person assigned the challenge, so if you complete someone else's challenge you will not be oped. If the person attempting a challenge officially gives up on their challenge you may request to be assigned their challenge, but you have to start from scratch and may not continue their work.

There are two universal rules to any OP challenge:

1. If you complete the challenge and are oped, you may not op any other player or you will be de-oped along with anyone you oped.

2. If you are abusing your op privileges in a way that MrMalm feels is having a negative impact on the server or community you will be de-oped. Op is a great responsibility. If you abuse it you will loose it!

Also, If you do a really lazy job on your challenge, do not expect to be oped. You will only be oped if you put in 100% effort on your specific challenge. Getting oped will not be easy!

Furthermore, anyone griefing someones OP Challenge attempt will be banned for one week minimum, maybe more. Anyone attempting an OP Challenge that ends up griefing someone else will be banned for one week as well. Make sure you're not starting your challenge in an area that is going to cause problems for other people before you start! There is plenty of open space in the world.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse!

If you have an idea for a challenge you can add it to the table below and I will approve it if it requires significant effort! Don't fill out the Rules or Approved sections, MrMalm will add those if the idea is accepted. Just put your name under challenger and fill out the challenge. Also, I will add challenges for people to try as I think of them. Good luck!
Build a giant statue of every member on the wiki's Citizens page as of December 9th 2011
I have taken screen shots of the page so if there are additions or changes during the challenge they will not count against you.
1. You must complete the statues without help from anyone else.
2. The statues must be at least one block high for each pixel on the players skin. 1 pixel = 1 block
3. The should be as accurate as possible using blocks available in creative mode. You may substitute block colors not available with similar shades.
4. They do not have to be 3D (just the 2D front view of the player) or holding anything in their hand but it would be cool if you wanted to do that for some of the statues just for fun!
Approved by MrMalm
build a giant 3D statue of 3 or more morrow craft players telling a story people can understand. The statue should be as big as possible.
1. The statues must depict an interesting scene that most people can understand what is happening. It should tell a story of some sort.
2. All of the models must be fully 3D. The statues should look complete from all angles. You can make them hollow if you want.
3. At least 1 of the statues should be real a player in Morrowcraft. The others can be a mobs, like a creeper or whatever or even a structure like a cave, but it has to be more than just one or two dirt blocks or it wont count.
4. It should be as life like as possible and large!
Approved by MrMalm
  1. CalypsoStar
Create an original mod compatible with craftbukkit, that everyone on our server can use that adds or changes something on our server.
1. The mod needs to be compatible with with the bukkit server we use (http://bukkit.org).
2. The mod should be functional and useful on our server.
3. The code can't be entirely based on someone else's work
4. There are resources available for people interested in attempting this at:

Because of the difficult nature of this challenge I will allow multiple people to try this challenge at the same time and you can also team up with one other person to complete a mod!

If you want to try this challenge please list your name under the challenger field and describe the mod you are attempting to make in this field below so that I can approve it:

Create one working example of each of the redstone logic gates listed here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Redstone_Circuits#Logic_gates
and make a fully functioning redstone device of your own design.
1. Each of the redstone gates needs to be functional.
2. label the gates with a sign
3. The final redstone device you make should be integrated into a complete structure. There should be no exposed wires.

1.Create Disney World or Land on Morrowcraft.
  • You may come back to it
  • You must start from scratch
  • You may get help from only 1 person IF YOU ARE BUILDING DISNEY WORLD, but he/she has to only work on one thing, like a lake or building.
  • You can build it anywhere, but make sure it's not in a remote area where I can never find it.
  • When you finish, use /mail to send me a note saying that you have completed it and stating where it is.

build a bank where everybody on morrowcraft has a vault with 6 layers of obsidian
Build Camp Sunshine, Camp Green, and Camp Bata tester