It took a while to finally settle down in a home. I've always been moving around as there is so much chaos in where I live like these annoying things like this cobblestone tower near my house. 11/24/11-KLGeo.png

Looks like I'm gonna begin a project with my buddies Eddie (slipknoteddy30) and Jon (candlerusa_v1). We are gonna build a replica of a real castle. So far we have not started the project however once we start I will start posting pictures of our progress of our replica of Mont Saint Michele. 12/6/11-KL

So far the project has not gone as well as we have wanted it too. We had a bunch of arguements and I accidentally lagged the
server where we started to work (world edit is dangerous if you aren't very sure on how to use it). 12/6/11-KL

As you can probably tell our project has not gotten done, we have not finished our work with St. Michele. We spent all our time trying to build the replica. We were delayed by goofing around and extreme lag issues and bad use of world edit. After a time we eventually gave up and started a new project, the Trans- minecraftia railroad. This was finished unlike the St.Michele and was much more successful then the previous project. We finished in this project in about 4 days in time for winter break.

After this relaxing break we get back to minecraft. With 2 updates the world of minecraft is updated and is much more improved. We have not worked on the Railroad for a while. Let me tell you how the railroad was built. First we started the railroad out of my house that I no longer live in. Then we started building it in a straight line then making it go up in a large triangle. After the triangle ends we make it go over the water and slightly underwater. Then we added many twists and turns including parts where we crash into blocks and plunge you into darkness for a short time. Then after that we dug a hole and then built the tracks underground and then rising up. After laying it down the track ends and the cart will then fall down a hole.

After falling down the hole the minecart lands on tracks and keeps on going until it follows a railroad built previously as part of an abandoned mine. Then you rise up from the ground and stop. However when I did a test drive on the railroad I died at the end for unknown reasons. At the end I was laughing due to the new language speak PIRATE SPEAK which when I die said Ye Be claimed By Davy Jones! which is quite comedic.

During this time of building this project I played WoW and helped a little bit with St. Michele. However once the project failed and we started the railroad I devoted all my time to finishing it with a little bit of goofing around a bit in the middle. It was actually quite fun to build it. Once you went on it it was actually quite interesting as there was many twists and turns that made your head spin. Especially Yangd as he has motion sickness.

After we finished our railroad and revising it we started to play around instead of finishing it. Eventually after a couple of weeks in Jan. We started to take pictures to put it one the wiki and I even took a video. However we delayed this too long and I didn't know how to put the video on the wiki. So after lots of goofing around and delaying our project we did not finish our first one, which is a total fail. Even though we finished the railroad we didn't put on the wiki. In conclusion both projects I started with slipknoteddy and candlerusa were both never finished despite all the time we had :(. Screen_shot_2012-01-17_at_11.23.12_AM.png