MrMalm. Who is he?

Nobody knows.

Oh, wait. I think this is him:
MrMalm has been playing Minecraft since the beta days. He can remember up to 6 crafting recipes at a time!

He currently lives in a glass house in the sky that he built with a lot of cool people on the EMS Explorations' server.
He has made a lot of other cool houses, but he hasn't accidentally blown up this one with TnT yet... yet!

He likes gardening, but hopes there will be more uses for his crops in the future besides sugar, bread, paper and bookcases.

MrMalm is the only person with /giveme privileges on the EMS Explorations server, but he doesn't like to use them.
Sometimes he accidentally gives himself 64 beds, so he built an incinerator to get rid of the junk.

He is always amazed at the awesome things other people on the server do, even though they have been playing
such a short time!

August 8th:
I logged in and looked at all the cool new stuff. One of the things I found was this unassuming little building.
What is it? Well let's see... It's a monster house. Scary!
I'm going to take a look inside, but I'll be careful not to let out any of the monsters! AAAAAAHHHH!
Too late! The monsters have already escaped!!!!!! No wonder there are so many scary noises in these woods at night!