Importing our server in to Blender

I'm experimenting with exporting the world into the 3D animation program called Blender. Here are two test renders I did tonight. Here is Knowclue's house:

And here is Bre and Abby's house. I was working on getting the water to be translucent (Fail - It's been three years since i've worked with Blender).
Hope I can get this working better because it is a cool effect and can even be used to make animations like this video.

There are other ways to import Minecraft worlds into blender, but I used this software which I found because of a recent twitter post by @Vormamim about printing physical 3D models of Minecraft - which is really cool (and expensive)!

Mineways (the program I used to get the world data into Blender) is a Windows program, but it worked just fine for me on my iMac using WINE. Blender works on Windows, Mac and even Linux.

I will add more info and hopefully some animation videos soon!