I'm Leekgame, and I'm an architect on Morrowcraft. My projects can be 3-Dimensional or 2-Dimensional, or just plain weird. Complicated projects are my real specialty.

The MorrowCraft Sign

Depending on how much time I have, or if my thinking cap is on, my projects are very creative and large. The most ambitious one of all is the Morrowcraft Sign.
This is the original version of the MorrowCraft Sign. I built it on a whim during Tech Club, and finished it that night. After a few days, I began expanding it.
This is a more recent image of the sign. Obscured in the photo above this one was a huge mountain. Believe it or not, I actually removed the mountain to give people a better view of the sign. Here's a little fact; when I first got an account on Minecraft, that mountain was where I first set up camp; it took me a month to find it again.

Notice that a stone and dirt area stands right below the sign. I decided to replace that entire area with a stone brick ledge to add some look to it.

The rainbow was not entirely built by me...

The Rainbow

Knowclue wanted to build a rainbow over the sign, and started on it when I logged onto the server. I was a "consultant" in building; I theorized that the design of the rainbow she was making would be too tall for the level "64" (the limit of placing blocks in Minecraft), so I helped redesign the rainbow. I actually did some of the work on the rainbow itself while Knowclue built the gigantic sun. Not pictured is a moon made of iron blocks, that was added after this phto was taken. I'm not sure who built that one, but she definitely posted a sign saying it was hers on the stone brick ledge (notice that there are two signs with the writing obscured on that ledge; that gives credits to those who helped build the sign)

After looking at the rainbow, I realized it was overshadowing the sign greatly. I built an outline out of black wool around the letters to let them stand out.

Overall, the project turned out pretty well!!!

Giant Enderman

The giant enderman was a joint project between skullman12342 and me. I had the idea to build a giant enderman as a follow-up to my recent projects (specifically, the Morrowcraft sign). I asked Skullman to help, and he suggested i make it thinner. Eventually, he moved it to a different location. Skullman built most of the enderman, while I built the dirt block.

Another Enderman

This was another Enderman I built on the same day Skullman built his. This one has added particle FX, but i discovered that I'd built the body too skinny; it made the head too wide. I'm gonna find time to try this again later.

Rainbow House

This is my house. It started out as a modest dirt house yangd built. I took it over to be closer to the spawn point. I rebuilt it later with a basement and a tower, and covered it with stone brick. Later, when I saw how the Morrowcraft sign looked, and I realized i had a lot of spare wool, I covered the entire house with wool to make it a rainbow. Obscured in the background is my trading post, which I built recently as a way of selling my stuff.

Minecraft Train

I was ticked off by the fact that skullman12342's train wasn't enclosed, so you couldn't ride on it at night without risking getting hit by a mob, so I built a long train that had a tunnel that went up in the air. It was an expansion of sorts to skullman's train. I even built a big terminal with a motel underneath.

Snoopy's Doghouse

I don't think this needs much explanation...ok, maybe it does. I built this purely for fun. I don't really have the stuff to make a giant snoopy on top, but hey, you never know.

Morrowcraft Hotel

A hotel I built near the spawn point. It has 8 rooms, and a defensive fortress on the top of the building. It's full of dispensers. I put the necessities inside the rooms, with uncooked food inside the chests. Like a real hotel!

Rustic House

I got inspired to build this after reading some books on the Civil War. Wooden houses are some of my favorites, so I built a house with a chimney (with a never ending fire...thank you, netherrack) a bed, a chest, a bookcase, a crafting table, and a furnace.

Restoration of MrMalm's Statue

A couple of week's ago, MrMalm's statue in Morrowcraft was burned down by griefers. When I took at look at the remains, I realized there was enough stuff leftover for a full restoration. Noelle319 and I are currently working on reconstructing it. It'll take a lot of work.

The Take A Chance Challenge

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