December 23, 2011, It has been an INCREDIBLE year in Morrowcraft. We have built several new worlds as our world got "wiped" every time we had a major upgrade or program change. Since I had a little extra time during our vacation, I took up Noelle's offer to accept a parcel of land in one of the 5th grade villages. I spent a couple of days building the perfect cottage by the sea! :-) I got some great ideas from touring all the amazing builds that the kids have been creating.

Knowclue's Cottage by the Sea

front arial view
back arial view
entrance sign
front walk
front view of cottage
back view of cottage
living room front
living room back
beautiful view of sunset
workroom from stairs downstairs
workroom library
bedroom fireplace
bedroom shower/spa

May 23, 2011. I finally finished my first house. At first, it was awful and looked like a giant crypt. I made it out of iron blocks because I wanted to make sure that I was safe from the zombies. However, once I was tucked safely away inside my crypt, I could still hear the creepy crawlers, It freaked me out that I could not see them. I started over and redesigned my house with lots of windows and an open staircase. I added some lovely lapis and gold blocks for a Swedish accent and finished the job with some lovely water features. Did I mention that I flooded the stairwell in the process? LOL! As you can imagine, I was pretty proud of my new home. It was still kind of crypt like, but much more chic. I loved having he windows to keep an eye on the creepy world above. The best part about learning to build was that during the process I fought and conquered two zombies and several annoying spiders! Yay me!

Just when I thought I had settled into my lovely modern Swedish Crypt, JD gave all of us this amazing texture pack that he created. It took the game graphics to a whole new level! Check out the before and after pics of my house. The glass is clear, the iron blocks shine and the gold actually is the color of gold. I LOVE my new creeper bed. Thank you, JD!

Before JD's Texture Pack

After JD's Texture Pack


May 17, 2011. Finally faced my fear. Died. P.O. taught me command /time day to prolong the daylight. Whew! Thanks P.O.!

KnowZombie.pngMay 16, 2011.
Confession. I initially thought my students were pretty silly for being afraid of 8 bit zombies. Then I played. The first time I was playing alone and night fell and I heard the groaning and shuffling of little zombie feet... I freaked. I actually exited the game! LoL I KNOW... what a coward! Now I'm forcing myself to face my fear and hold my ground until dawn. Honest to God, I have to laugh at how I hunker in a corner and camera around looking for the scary little perps. I even stash all my loot in my chest just in case they get me!

I promise never to tease my students again about being scared of little 8 bit zombies!