Before the Minecraft 1.8 update, surviving was never an issue. Once hearts were low, food could be eaten and monsters could be avoided. Now there is a hunger bar and without food, one cannot survive the troubles of hunger. When I was first introduced to the new hunger bar, I was very low on food and couldn't survive. My first strategy was to set a bed to my home, put my items in a chest and then kill myself. In doing this, I would give my life, but I would lose nothing I had. Soon I had found animals and saved food in my chests. I made sure I had enough for more than just myself so I would never run out. When low on food, look for animals and only return home when you have enough to survive for a long time. –Posted by dudeizhear

Skullman12342- by eating rotten flesh from zombies while fighting in caves to mine, or killing zombie pig men during my mutiple trips in the nether, i have been able to survive for extrodinarily long periods of time as long as my supplies does not run out.

Patchesman11- Other then being poisoned by rotten flesh, you can craft yourself a beautiful diamond sword and wreak havoc by killing pigs, chicken, and cows. Instead of releasing your rage you can take a fishing pole and go fishing which is the most useless way of getting food. You can also make yourself a melon farm or a wheat farm and get food that way. Remember to cook your food or else those deadly virtual diseases will kill you.

Nukelu_v4- the most easy way to get food is to farm or to kill any type of livestock such as pigs, cows, or chickens however you should cook first.

SlipknotEddy30 - Whenever your low on food supply look for animals to kill and gather food. Also always have a farm near your house for extra food.

yangd-You hungry? Mine some diamonds/iron/stone/wooded sword (recommending a dia sword). Make a portal using obsidians, and then get some torches, then start killing zombie pigmen. They give you cooked porkchop. Another way to get a lot of food is to farm. You can either start a plantation or like a automatic wheat farm. You can also make a melon farm and get like 10000 melons to eat.

Hammer47 - The best way to stay away from hunger is to as soon as you can find food or get some from a friend if he or she has some. Then always keep one or two food items with you during journeys and stockpile food whenever possible.

Candlerusa_v1- it is essential to keep your food preserved and whenever you wish to explore or mine