Real Scale
85 by 200 blocks
Real stores, locker rooms connected, benches, sounds, seats
We are recreating Prudential Center. The home of the devils. We will try to recreate most of the details of the Prudential Center.

Wool (Different Colors)
Pistons (Sticky)
Stone (Bricks, etc.)
Iron Blocks
Decorations (Plants, Flowers, etc.)
Other Blocks are to be used when needed.
85 blocks wide
200 blocks long
Hockey Mod
Info - __http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/binaryskates-skating-hockey/__
Mod Download - __http://www.curse.com/server-mods/minecraft/binaryskates-skating-hockey__

Provisionally Approved. I’m liking that you are planning to introduce some mods so that we can ACTUALLY play. If you pull that off, it would be EPIC! We will revisit this project on February 28 and reassess if it is worth moving forward. Remember to take pictures and document your progress EVERY WEEK! ~knowclue

We created the server required for our project and also downloaded the mod that we needed in order to play hockey in the stadium that we are going to build. Currently we are scouting an area in the world of the server that is good for building our Prudential center replica. During our class today Mr. Malm made our mod work since we had problems on making it work. However we are going to make a new server since Mrs. Malm believes we should do everything on our own and make the mod work and make the replica of the hockey center. Today we don’t have any screenshots since the server is shut down and we won’t have the ability to take any pics of our project until we get a new server running by ourselves.

2/7/12- Today we have finally finished setting up the server and adding the binary skates mod that we require for our project. Then we started to build the outline of our hockey stadium. After we completed our outline which was 90 width and 100 length we started to fill the water up with ice and use it as our floor. After trying out the hockey mod we found it very fun and very realistic.

external image XKQ0LUufgyhkw2M-oaBS5SMT-1wrAP3sfbI6T-AGJpPM6lpzAvN49yaI7vwTfIOOaO57zQB8_LViuWA492Kg_2wqHfg1gsF5-4eudANjNC_QQlEMaEE

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Feburary 14, 2012
We added more ice and we are close to finishing the ice. Next class we will layout the rink and the stadium. external image lp556FpXE_j40TgB-lfNf_3riu2pIkwuOKDt1qMX8auVnO8l6Pw2UPjEBlrb1jQVGE9CS6CeeIlW2_osIC6LV5HbSDHNk48QDKcYlU_vPcf4BWGUl-Qexternal image x8buZrtkf6skZv7Rsakakd9ONehWzqmdtdzM-iSScQ0eqWjHPZ_OF_B0w17CEDMSwQJl1ZsRww-QKCdl2tQvXQZf4c69Dp_IITdgxrxKQ9n9MSAaGe0

3/13/12 - We did not update 2 weeks ago so this will be the update for then and today.

We finished the ice and now and have started on the walls.

KL- We have got back on the server after deupdating it with the help of Mr. malm since our minecraft client had been updated to 1.2 and we do not know how to update our server yet. Now we will continue to build the walls and hopefully construct a great part of the walls. 5/1/12 YAY WE ALMOST done it looks amazing so far I can’t wait for to finish this.

KL- We have almost finished and finished most of the inside of the building now we are just adding more stuff to make it more realistic and also we are starting on the roof.