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It's true! MrMalm is leaving us. What do you have to say about that?
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Hi! It's snickerdoodle13 here!!!!!!! Umm, I just can't explain how I feel about Mr. Malmstrom leaving! He is an EPIC teacher, even epic as Mrs. Malm. Why do you have to leave, Mr. Malm! We all love you! Why do you have to leave??????? You were the one who told me about the PC version of minecraft! I mean, like, your awesome! You were the one who encouraged me to get an account and all that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *my point it that u inspire me*

Hey MrMalm,

So it all started that summer of 2011 when I had my second, and unfortunately last year of camp . I saw one of my friends playing Minecraft during Computers, and you were the first one that I asked about it, since I wanted to try it out! You gave me an account, emsgame12, and I've loved it ever since. I remember looking so forward for signing up for Computers everyday to play with you and friends, and I would get to EMS extra early to reserve my spot. And once I bought my account, it was perfect. I played as much as I could, maybe a little too much, everyday at my house after school for a whole year. Morrowcraft was the perfect server to have freedom, and be productive with people I knew. And of course, it wasn't a clear path...there was griefing, A LOT of griefing, fights, disagreements, arguments, things people regretted saying, and did I mention griefing? All with the people I knew. But you always knew how to make it right again. And even though I stopped playing Minecraft in general for a while, I finally have realized how much I'm missing, and I'm back on. It stinks that you are leaving us, and that I can't share my experiences with you as much anymore, but everyone else on Morrowcraft and I are here to represent the future of the community. Now that I've grown with your help, I'm going to look out for people that need it here on Morrowcraft. I'm gonna be careful for what I say and do, all from what I've learned from you. And I mean it when I say thank you.


Hello, It is Snowkit I just wish to tell a story of when I was giving a tour the the 1.7 server. I remember I made a mob shooting arena. MrMalm ran into the arena just as I was turning on the machine gun. I quickly turned it off, but MrMalm already died. Oh well.-Snowkit

Hey guys, powerkrafter here. I first met MrMalm in classes involving Lego Universe. I was all like "eww minecraft who plays that lego universe is the best" and now LU is gone so I'm all like "Whoa bro minecraft is so awesome" but that's not my point. My point is that MrMalm is awesome. No doubt about it. We'll all miss you MrMalm. And everybody who doesn't, please op me on morrowcraft and make a warp in the void so I can do /warp [hater's name] void or what ever you call it. MrMalm is one of the best teachers (knowclue being the tie) that I have ever had in my life. You rock MrMalm. I'll miss you so much! Just remember that you are super awesome. Cya on Morrowcraft. -powerkrafter

This time I wrote a story. Sorry it has bad grammar and stuff. I was trying to write it quickly when I had some free time. -Snowkit

Memory LaneBy, Snowkit

I stared off into darkness. I looked down and I was floating in a world of darkness. Well, not really floating. I was standing on a hard surface which wasn’t there. A bright flame appeared in the distance. I walked towards the flame. It felt like I would walk in the void forever, never to leave. I finally reached the flame. I sat down and crossed my legs. The flame was a deep crimson red. I stared deeply into the flame. Soon I was no long in the void and I was standing in a wooden hut. It had two door and could only fit two people. I walked out of the door and I saw a board that said assistants and jobs and then the list of many people. There was a huge house with a very tall tree on top of it. Then I recognized where I was I was in the time of Auraclan. I saw people running back and forth in their armor getting ready to fight. I walked over to someone and tapped them only to find my hand go right through their shoulder. I realized this must be an illusion. It was showing me the past, but I could not do anything to alter it.

I walked around the town looking at everyone. I saw many houses, but most weren’t as good looking as the houses we live in today. I saw a small group of people talking in a circle. They each held a sword, bow or potions. I walked up to them and listened to them, “MrMalm so do you have a strategy on attacking them?” one of the group members asked.

The person across from him who must have been MrMalm replied, “Nope. Lets just attack.”

“That is just like you. Well, lets go then.” Someone said as she walked out of a nearby house. She had a belt with potions strapped to them and a quiver full of arrows on her back. She was holding a bow and held her head high. She was obviously the leader in the town. She turned and walked away, the others quickly following after her.

After a few minutes of walking the leader said, “It’s odd... How just two people can give us so much trouble.”

MrMalm came up to the leader and said, “It is surprising Snowkit. We should be able to kill them with a group this big though."

Snowkit just replied with, “I hope so.”

No one said a word after that until a building came into view. Someone was watching the group come closer from the top of the building. Another person joined him and they both watched. Everyone notched their bows and got ready to fight. The two people jumped off the roof got their bows notched. Snowkit screamed, “Fire!”

Everyone fired their arrows at the two people. Every arrow missed.

The two enemies fired their arrows which hit members of Snowkit’s group. Right away the two enemies unsheathed their swords and charged into battle. Swords clashed. The two enemies mowed down everyone quickly until they came to Snowkit, MrMalm and a few other survivors.
“Well Hammer. You are as strong as always. Same with you Skullman.” Snowkit said two her two enemies. Hammer charged as Snowkit and Skullman charged at MrMalm, catching them off guard. There was a clash of metal and dust made it impossible to see what happened. When the dust settled you could see that MrMalm managed to pull out a dagger and block Skullman. Snowkit dodged the attack and looked around at her few remaining troops and with one hand took out two bottles of potions. She threw one at MrMalm who kicked Skullman back and caught the potion. Then Snowkit and MrMalm threw the potions on the ground blinding Hammer, Skullman. When they were able to see, Snowkit, MrMalm and the troops were gone.

This is crazy. Why are you leaving Mr. Malm? Boo hoo hoo.