Campers from EMS Explorations created a Glass House in Minecraft.
It is home to MrMalm, Dineseer, Snowkit, Achiocco33, Crafter4eva536, Eoeoeoeo, Sandstone8, and emsgame8Screen_shot_2011-07-18_at_9.44.01_AM.png
So far the whole area contains the house itself, a pet pen, a pig pen, a garbage disposal, 2 water tunnels, an office, an inn, a bank, 2 lakes, 2 castles, a lounge, 2 portals, men's showers, women's showers, an ice rink, a snow cave, 2 swimming pools, a mine, a minecart-coaster, a farm, 2 gardens, a dye shop, a jumping challenge, the trials, a road, and 6 houses surronding.
A whole lot more got added on to the glass house like a monster proof room made of water created by Sandstone8. There are now 3 floors and it goes out about twice as far as the picture shows

The following two videos document the final stages of the glass house before the world was erased and restarted for the 1.8 update.