Since the original town was overrun with griefing and is now effectively a ghost town, many players have decided to pack it up and start new settlements away from the chaos. Some of the 8th graders have setup camp in a desert region. I'm not sure if they've given it a proper name or not, but it can quite accurately be described as a desert fortress.

The building is constructed of impenetrable bedrock, a reenforcing layer of obsidian and a brick facade. As if that wasn't enough, add a moat, lava and flaming cactus walls around the perimeter.

If, by chance, some unfortunate griefer makes it passed the outer defenses they're likely to fall victim to one of the many traps inside the structure. Does this hallway lead to a storeroom full of diamonds or certain death? (it's full of diamonds, go ahead and grab them!)

Topside, TNT cannons protect the build (TNT is temporarily disabled on our server because of unrelated griefing).

Intricate wiring allows for all of the roof's cannons to be fired with the press of a single button (the red dotted lines are circuits placed to trigger actions with switches).

My personal favorite part of this build are not the defenses, but the rail system designed to transport people and resources to different areas in the world.

The rails travel above and below ground, and make moving from location to location amazingly fun. These pictures don't really show how cool it is. I hope to have a video of it posted soon. I didn't get to see the whole rail system while taking these screenshots because a black sheep wandered onto the tracks and stopped my cart.

More to come...