The Morrow Craft Swastika

I am a Jew. I’m very serious about my religion, as are my parents. I’ve always been trying to forget the holocaust and the “swastika” sign that got tattooed on friends and family. I always try to forget about that because it causes my family A LOT of pain. I always thought that Morrow Craft was a safe place where I could build, be happy and play a game I REALLY liked. I’ve always been in a yeshiva, but that changed for me. I always thought Morrow Craft was safe, and then came the “swastika on the menorah sign” in the middle of the morrow craft village.

The truth, I wanted to cry and couldn’t focus after I heard about it. I’m serious about my Jewish roots, heritage and religion, as is my family. I always thought that morrow craft was safe. Now I have to decide if I even feel comfortable having an account, let alone playing on morrow craft. That swastika made me feel so sad and lonely inside. I have Relatives that were killed because of that very sign. (May they Rest In Peace.) I feel that swastika burned a hole somewhere deep down, in a place where the memories of that very sign were forgotten. Now that it was brought up, I don’t know if morrow craft is safe, let alone the school.

I love Elisabeth Morrow, but if my dad hears about it he might take me out of Elisabeth Morrow. As soon as my dad hears about it he might pull me out. I hope my dad doesn’t, but if he does, I loved being in Elisabeth morrow and I wanted to stay here longer. I just can’t forget this and I feel crippled, now that this happened, especially because it made a mockery of my family and me. I also tried hard to forget about this, especially since it was tattooed to my great relatives when they were put in concentration camps. Now I feel crippled and lonely. But I felt if I broadcasted (told) people this it would help.

Crippled and lonely inside,
If you know me, find me