We have worked on the Trans-Minecraftia project and unsuccessfully gotten a sufficient amount of pictures and videos to put up on the Elisabeth Morrow Minecraft Wikipedia page. Our first project was supposed to be on Mont St. Michele, but we decided to yield to the great castle for it could not be conquered by three 8-bit characters.

After a couple of weeks of pondering what our next project would be, we decided to make a huge roller coaster that could benefit the entire minecraft community. After a few weeks of hard work trying to build this huge transportation railroad. We should have given more thought to our time and should have actually worked better and more efficiently on this rollercoaster.

While we were thinking about how this rollercoaster project was going to be finished, there was game that many of my classmates felt was a little more intriguing and fascinating than minecraft. It was called World of War craft. Many more people played this game and the graphics were probably better than minecraft.

When we were playing this entertaining game, we should have been working on our new project in minecraft. Guilt will always be filled within me as I enter the infamous server and dread the fact that I had an excessive amount of time to work on the trans-minecraftia rollercoaster.

I am terribly sorry for my action Ms. Malmstrom; I do realize that I could have worked an exceptionally extra amount of time to finish. I will never forget the fact that I might have just failed one of great teachers at the Elisabeth Morrow School who looks for positivity in everyone all the time.

Hopefully you can let me come back to tech class and be allowed to use the abundance of opportunities you will give us, and not miss use the power you give to each of your students. Every single one of your students is hard working and is fully aware of what the stakes are when we disobey your requirements. So this is my apology, and I hope that after this I can go back to being one of your good students that will always follow your requirements.

Just started working on a huge project with my buddies slipknoteddy30 and nukelu_v4