Morrowcraft is a 24/7 Minecraft server built and inhabited by The Elisabeth Morrow School students and faculty. - May 2011
Project and site managed by Knowclue -aka- Ms. Malmstrom

Volume II Oct 2014 A.N. (After Notch)

What is happening in Morrowcraft?

January15, 2015
We NOT OPEN!! :(
Sorry gang! Since Microsoft has acquired Minecraft, all the epic plugins we have used to build Morrowcraft are no longer being support.
Rurik, MrMalm & Mr.Miller have been working behind the scenes trying to figure out a work around. It isn't happening. At this point, it looks like our only option is to start from scratch with a vanilla sever (no mods). Look for updates, I'll keep you posted. ~Knowclue

December 15, 2014
We are OPEN!! w00t! w00t!!
running version 1.7.9
See you in World! ~Knowclue

------------ Update Complete ------------------------

Warning Morrowcraft.png

Well peeps, Morrowcraft has been up and running for over 3 1/2 years! We've had a ton of fun but, let's face it, lately things have gotten a bit boring on our server. It's time to for a major make-over!

This week we will be blowing up the old Morrowcraft Server! And, we are kicking EVERYONE off! Don't cry. We will rebuild a new, more up to date server. And, EVERYONE can come back ONCE they fill out a new form. This is important because we are also updating our Terms of Service (TOS).

We will close Morrowcraft on Wednesday, October 29th. New applications to join the updated server should be ready some time the first week of November. *Fingers crossed!

Why do we do this? It's become a tradition on Morrowcraft to wipe the server every 6 months, or so? The first time it was an accident and we were all very upset. But then something very interesting happened, every one LOVED starting over! They loved it so much we just kept on doing it a couple of times a year.

What happens to the old Morrowcraft? Well, we are going to save a copy on the school server so you can access it at school! w00t! w00t!

We will also be updating the wiki membership, so stay tuned. ~Knowclue